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Does any of this sound familiar?

Struggling alone
Dry spells in business
At odds with client
Constantly putting out fires
Always looking for better solutions
Not enough bandwidth
Never go on vacation
Can’t relax
Miss being with your family

You Messed Up, Now What?

Child holding OOPS signIt’s 3 am and you just realized that you forgot to call a client. You just blew it. As the pit in your stomach forms, your mind spins out of control wondering if there is any way to salvage the relationship.
Or maybe...
Your listing isn’t selling. Secretly you know you overpriced it, and caved when the sellers didn’t want to pay for staging, even though you knew it would make a difference. You’ve gone from excited about your listing to avoiding your client's call because you think they are ...

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3 Tools To Get Off The Negativity Train

Where you focus your thoughts determines your destinationIt's been a hot topic lately. In the mentorship group this week everyone expressed some level of frustration and downright anger at the market right now. Dealing with appraisers and low appraisals, multiple offers, clients who have lost several times, the hectic pace, etc. It's wearing agents down, making them cranky, and affecting their business. We all experience frustration from time to time. How you deal with it can make or break your business. Here are 3 tips to get you off the negativity train and on ...

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Accountability + 30 Minutes = Success

accountability road sign illustration designAs I review my 1st quarter business it reminds me of the power of accountability, and spending 30 minutes a day focused on lead generation. It is truly mind blowing. In January, while I was laid up after my foot surgery I generated 4 new listings and several new buyers. That has turned into 9 sales so far, 3 listings in the works for later this month, and several buyers. Everyone has their own definition of success. Mine has always been about having a business and a life. Along with ...

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Do You Have Leaky Bucket Syndrome?

bucket with holesJust like the flowers need a bucket of water to help them grow, your business needs a bucket to keep it going. Your bucket represents the skills and tools you need to run your business:
  • Marketing
  • Sales skills
  • Market knowledge
  • Lead generation
  • Client follow-up
With a full bucket, you can use the contents to generate clients that lead to sales. Kind of like the bucket of water that feeds the bulbs in the ground, which are turning into flowers. The question is: How strong is your bucket? Are you making the most of what's in it, or are things ...

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What's Your Definition Of Marketing?

MarketingAccording to marketing is: 1. the act of buying or selling in a market. 2. the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.
Sounds pretty dry for something that gets so much hype.
We tend to think of marketing as big, expensive, corporate ad campaigns with animation, super heroes and special effects galore. Things that we can’t even begin to touch as a real estate agent, or small business owner.
Yet, some agents manage to ...

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